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      Implementation of all-round quality monitoring
      LC400 laser cutting system

      No consumables
      Precision cutting
      System synchronization
      High quality
      Full intelligence

      Efficient production


      Product Profile

      Efficient production

      Cutting parameter database
      High speed mobile platform
      Automatic adjustment of Z axis

      Precision cutting

      Light spot 20μM
      Cutting accuracy±0.1mm
      The repeatability accuracy is±3μ

      System synchronization

      It can be connected to the management system
      ● synchronization with SFIS / MES
      ● execute system instructions


      No burr
      No carbide
      No stress
      No pollution
      No thermal effect
      Protect the safety of PCB and components

      Full intelligence

      No human involvement is required
      Automatic cutting of workpiece
      Automatic data management
      Visual automatic positioning
      Improve processing quality
      It is easy to realize the cutting of high-precision abnormal products

      No consumables

      Laser cutting
      No tool required
      No tool holder required
      No fixture required
      No auxiliary facilities and consumables are required
      Low maintenance cost
      Rapid response to new products

      Main parameter

      Laser type UV (green optional)
      The laser wavelength 355nm
      Laser power 10W 15W
      Laser cooling mode water cooling
      The laser spot diameter 20μm
      Working mode XY platform mobile (marble platform)
      Laser irradiation range 400 mm x 200 mm
      Basic specifications
      Repeat positioning accuracy
      ±15μm(OP:Linear motor platform±3μm)
      Working height
      Maximum processing area(X x Y x Z) 400 mm x 200 mm
      positioning system
      CCD + MARK positioning
      Processing maximum size
      400 mm x 200 mm
      Thickness of processed products
      Vacuum adsorption system
      software interface
      Chinese optimized interface, easy to operate
      vision MARK point grasping target, visual edge searching
      data sources
      System connection function
      It can be connected with shopflow, MES, IMS, PMS, etc
      Input voltage
      AC220V 50/60HZ
      Air pressure source
      Environmental requirements

      22 °C ± 2 °C(< 60 % (non-condensing)

      Equipment power
      Equipment size (L * w * h, mm)
      Equipment weight

      Specifications Remarks
      Power supply Three phase 380V, 30a, 50Hz (main power supply) The actual working current is 10-12A
      Compressed air Pressure: > 0.5MPa air volume: 1000L / min pipe diameter: ¢8mm
      The vacuum source Equipment is equipped with negative pressure and high pressure blower
      Ground bearing capacity
      Equipment size
      1200(L)mm*1120(W)mm*1750(H)mm Height without tricolor lamp(490)
      The weight of the main engine about 1.4 tons
      ambient temperature
      22±2 ℃ There is no sharp change in temperature and no condensation in humidity
      Ambient humidity RH 62±7%(without obvious condensation)
      Dust free grade 100000 level
      Microseismic demand Ground amplitude<5μm

      Suzhou NOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

      Pay attention to noc

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