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      Implementation of all-round quality monitoring
      WMS system

      ● WMS System WMS obtains the basic information of warehousing documents / materials through ERP interface, and carries out warehousing operations according to the basic information of documents / materials
      ● WMS connects MES system through intermediate table / Web Service / dynamic link library


      Warehouse in and out operation

      ● receiving confirmation
      ● Confirmation of warehousing materials
      ● batch warehousing and outbound
      ● work order warehouse in and out of warehouse
      ● work order issue
      ● work order replenishment
      ● Material transfer from work order
      ● Equipment failure reclaiming
      ● management of multi source materials in and out of vehicles

      Material relationship management
      Sampling test
      ● first in, first out
      ● Alternative materials
      ● prohibited materials
      ● restricted materials
      ● stagnant materials
      ● Material use tracking
      ● XSD material control
      ● Supplier and customer management

      Material accounting management
      ● automatic system posting
      ● Budget of shortage and replenishment
      ● early warning of inventory water level
      ● inventory checking
      ● Work order management

      System operation management
      Equipment safety monitoring
      ● Operation efficiency
      ● storage utilization
      ● Temperature and humidity monitoring
      ● User rights management
      ● System log management

      Intelligent expansion
      Intelligent Kanban
      ● Intelligent work order sorting line
      ● Automatic carrier scheduling
      ● X-ray counting machine
      ● Automatic feeder
      ● Low level warning according to material

      Suzhou NOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

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