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      Implementation of all-round quality monitoring
      MES(manufacturing execution system)
      ● WMS intelligent warehouse
      ● SMT manufacturing solutions
      ● Big data analysis and decision making of bigdata
      ● Total equipment management of TPM

      One WMS intelligent warehouse

      ● Receiving printing bar code, warehouse shelf
      ● Stock taking and storage management
      ● Picking up, returning and leaving the warehouse
      ● Material loss analysis of work order
      ● Inventory and shelf life warning
      ● first in, first out, bulk material first out

      One SMT manufacturing solution

      Error proofing (feeding, receiving, quality inspection, shift checking)
      ● Low level material warning
      ● Equipment linkage (locking)
      ● Material traceability and production process traceability of substrate
      ● Control of humidity sensitive components
      ● Control of solder paste screen plate of printing machine

      Onebigdata big data analysis decision
      Workshop production real time Kanban
      ● Line real time Kanban
      ● Machine real time
      ● Fault Kanban, throwing Kanban
      ● palm factory
      ● SPC quality control analysis

      One TPM total device management
      ● Automatic call for repair of equipment failure
      ● Regular maintenance equipment
      ● Feed, intelligent maintenance of suction nozzle
      ● Automatic generation of fault experience database
      ● Spare parts management
      ● Electronic SOP

      Suzhou NOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

      Pay attention to noc

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